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>>> Announcements <<<

1. Data Reporting by Assistant Deans RARE. Assistant Deans are required to use forms in S. No. 09 and 10 below for reporting Research / Education data and Faculty Event Calendar. Data (in soft form) should be reported quarterly within 10 days of expiry of each quarter. Data reported once should not be mentioned again in the next quarterly report. Only data reported by the Assistant Deans on the requisite forms stands valid for RARE record and all official purposes. 

2. Advance against External Grants. As per decision taken by the Executive Director IIMCT recorded in para No. 5.4 of minutes of the RARE 29th Steering Committee Meeting, advances against HEC/other external grants should not be charged from RARE budget; instead HR should process such advances (considered as loan to the applicant) from relevant account. Kindly forward such cases to HR Dept.

>>>Check the standard of Journal before your publish your research!
Search your selected journal(s) in JCR 2014 to confirm that you are approaching an ISI indexed impact factor journal.
      Download JCR 2014


01. Event Registration & Participation / Travel Grant Application Form & Eligibility Criteria
      Download PDF Version | Download DOC Version
02. Travel Grant Reimbursement and Feedback Form
       Download DOC Version
03. Policy on Award of Publication Honorarium 
      Download PDF Version
04. Publication Honorarium Claim Forms (Separate for Impact & Non-impact Factor Pubs.)
      Download PDF Version | Download DOC Version
05. Seed Money Research Grant Program Application Form & Guidelines
      Download DOC Version
06. Event Organization Grant Application Form & Guidelines
      Download PDF Version | Download DOC Version
07. Event Organization - Participants Feedback Form
      Download DOC Version
08. Event Organization - Post Workshop, Conference etc. Organizing Report
       Download DOC Version
09. Data Reporting Forms for Assistant Deans RARE
       Download DOC Version
10. Form for Reporting Faculty Event Calendar
       Download DOC Version