Public Policy

Riphah Institute of Public Policy has been established as a center of excellence for academic advancement and for imparting quality education and skills in the field of Public Policy.

While completing over one and half decade of academic journey, Riphah International University feels obliged to make its humble contribution towards the discipline of Public Policy. It would also provide a non–partisan, academic forum for holding debates, seminars, workshops, conferences, and symposiums on Public Policy issues confronting Pakistan.

Being suitably located in Islamabad, RIPP is an appropriate place where the public and private sectors, academia, and industry can interact and benefit from the intellectual research made available to the stakeholders. Besides introducing a Master in Public Policy (MPP) program, RIPP also intends to organize a series of skill learning training courses on important topics like Presentation and Communication skills, Negotiating skills, Change Management, Understanding Public Policy, Time Management, Team Building, Appraisal of Development Expenditures, etc.

These skills are essentially required for officials in leadership positions in the public and private sectors. The founding of RIPP is a pioneering endeavor of RIU and it is hoped that the institute would advance the cause of promoting Public Policy as an academic discipline in Pakistan. The institute now offers its role in

Offered Programs

BS International Relations

BS Public Administration

M.Phil Public Policy

M.Phil International Relations


“Develop into a reputable institute of public policy, governance, and public management studies, by providing an excellent academic ambiance, teaching facilities, and research atmosphere so as to be ranked among the top institutes of its kind in Asia, within the next decade.”


Aims & Objectives


Riphah Institute of Public Policy offers specially designed programs for individuals associated with the Public Sector, INGOs/NGOs, IDAs, Corporate Sector, Students & Researchers who want to pursue their careers in Public Policy and Governance.

As an Academic Institution

Pakistan ‘s leading academic center promotes excellence in teaching, training, research, and professional engagement in issues relating to public policy formulation and implementation, governance, public management, and public service delivery.

As a Think Tank

Carry out in-depth analysis of contemporary national and international issues affecting public policy and governance in developing countries by dedicated researchers and disseminating their findings among the relevant institutions. · Committed to developing, proposing, and endeavoring to implement approaches that could bring about positive results in tackling complex challenges in the domain of public policy.

As an Interactive forum

Provide a platform for intellectual discussions and interaction between academia, analysts, professionals, and practitioners so as to facilitate policy analysis of contemporary public issues and propose policy recommendations to the government and stakeholders.


In a short span of time RIPP has developed into a reputable institute by providing an excellent academic ambiance, teaching facilities and research atmosphere. The level of interest shown by the public servants reflects that RIPP can be compared with the top institutes of its kind in Asia based on its highly qualified faculty.

Dr Rashid Aftab

Director RIPP

Faculty Members

Prof. Dr. Anis Ahmad

Prof. Dr. Ijaz Shafi Gillani

Dr Atiquzzafar Khan

Dr.Rashid Aftab

Dr. Musab Yousafi

Mr.Zubair Safdar

Mr.Kashif Zaheer

Prof. Dr. Najeebullah Khan

Dr.Bilal Mirza

Dr.Kalsoom Sumra

Dr.Jibran Husain

Ms. Sana Naseem

Mr.Atif Abbasi

Ms. Asma Hussain

Our Public Policy School

What makes us best?

Riphah Institute of Public Policy has maintained its significance being leading think-tank to advise on socio-political and economic matters. Being one of the leading policy institutes in the twin cities, it offers Masters & M.Phil Programs in Public Policy.


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UAN Lahore: 042-111-747-424