Our Mission

Establishment of the state-of-the-art educational institutions with a focus on inculcating Islamic ethical values


• To lead in the development of holistic value-based research, development, education, and training programs;
• To establish at national and international levels state-of the- art educational, research, and training institutions, in line with international best practices and with the integration of universal Islamic values and the ideology of Pakistan to produce dynamic and committed human beings;
• To develop and implement educational strategies, experiential learning, and outcome-based academic programs, teaching material, reports, surveys, and research material to enhance the quality of education and training in various disciplines in higher education;
• To play a leadership role at national and international levels in the production of ‘ilm al nafi‘ systematic reforms (islah), capacity building (tarbiyah), behavioral transformation (tazkiyah), creation of tolerance and forbearance (sabr, istiqamah) and innovative solutions (ijtihad) for social change with a pro-active approach (jihad); and
• Establish model institutions, particularly in healthcare, applied and social sciences, including Islamic thought, culture, and history to improve people’s quality of life.

Research Grants Won by Riphah Faculty members:

  • Riphah ORIC Research Grants: (2020-21):

    Riphah ORIC have awarded 47 Research Grant to faculty members in Financial Year (2020-21) worth of: PKR. 5.73 Million

  • External Research Grant (National/International):

    Riphah Faculty have won five national Research grants from different funding agencies i.e HEC (TTSF, LCF, NRPU) Worth of PKR: 37.89 Million.

  • International Research:

    Riphah Faculty have one international Research grant Worth of PKR: 8.9 Million.

  • Research Publication (2020-21):

    Riphah faculty have published Total papers; 627. Out of 627 papers 483 paper were published in Impact factor journals.

Our Values


UAN: 033-11-000-111,
UAN Lahore: 042-111-747-424