Women Wellbeing Program


Over two decades, Pakistan’s Muslim society is facing social issues like increase in khula and divorce cases. Educational institutions ,being drivers for social change in addition to contributing for economic uplift , have a moral and legal obligation to establish a center for addressing social issues, and provide a platform for experiential learning on issues like rising single parents, child neglect, family instability and taking measures for wellbeing of women. 

Riphah promotes an Islamic culture for a just and sustainable society, raising individuals who understand their actions’ consequences and community impact. Their Women Well-being Project aims to ensure family stability and harmony by implementing sharia-compliant women’s rights


Women Wellbeing Program is a result of the collective efforts of Professor Dr. Anis Ahmed (Vice Chancellor RIU), and Dr. Kouser Firdaus (Advisor to the Vice Chancellor RIU, Islamabad, Ex-Senator Pakistan Senate, founder member and ex chairperson of International Muslim Women Union (IMWU)). The program currently runs under the umbrella of Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Islamabad (FSSH), Riphah. Since 2020, the program for Women Wellbeing has been offering certificate and diploma courses twice a year, with PGD and BS degree programs underway. We aim to train Family Counselors for  mediations at Union Councils level, Imam-e-Masjid addressing social challenges and promoting healthy behaviors. This social challenge requires collaboration from both government and non-government institutions.

Offered Programs

Certificate leading to advanced diploma Family in 21st Century, Challenges and Perspectives; Learn to cope with 4D Family Counseling Skills

Advanced Diploma in Family studies and Counseling Skills

Certificate Course Pre and Post Marriage Counseling

Boost Body Build-up

General objectives of the Program

The centre is for the wellbeing of women and ultimately for families, shall develop a viable strategy for the realization of a safe space for women, strengthen family culture, and empower women through Islamic awareness, haya, education, and profound counselling and guidance.

  • To strengthen the foundations of Islamic knowledge, the concept of family, and the roles, rights, and obligations of family members.
  • To provide pre- and post-marriage counselling in order to check marriage dissolution and conflict resolution between couples and families for societal stability.
  • To assist and facilitate in development of criteria for spouse selection.
  • Advocacy for family values and the importance of married life and parenthood
  • Create facilities for personal physical fitness care, forums for intellectual development, mental health, spiritual and emotional satisfaction.
  • Encourage studies on development and critical analysis of new legislation on gender and family matters, from an Islamic perspective.
  • Develop collaboration with other organizations, forums, groups, both nationally and internationally.


The purpose of Women Wellbeing Program is to help families in building ethical and moral values by providing them support, advice, training, or education which in turn can be beneficial for resolving issues related to women. Women wellbeing Program started on May 2020 under the supervision and guidance of worthy vice chancellor Riphah International University Dr. Prof. Anis Ahmed.

The two main targets of women wellbeing program are:

  • Center of Excellence for Family Ethics and Women Well-Being.
  • Association of family wellbeing.


Promotion of universal Islamic values and family ethics in order to create awareness and to help in realisation of a socially just and ethically fair order and practices, wellbeing and development of capacity of women.



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