Riphah Child Development Centre


Child Development Center was established in 2011 and became an independent department of Faculty of Rehabilitation & Allied Health Sciences (FRAHS) in 2015 for the learning and development of children with different disabilities.    

Child Development Center is the only center in the twin cities to provide a balanced, structured program of learning which allows every special child to progress on his or her own pace while ensuring equal opportunities for all. The center also includes prominent pediatricians, clinicians, physical therapists, speech pathologists and occupational therapists on its panel. The center also seeks guidance of foreign qualified professionals on case to case basis.     

At CDC, parents are encouraged to take full part in their child’s progress by attending formal reviews, regular parent-teacher meetings, and an open invitation to contact the center at any time to discuss any concerns regarding their ward’s education or any matter concerning the care and welfare of their child.   

Vision & Mission

State of the art facility for learning, development, and clinical services for children with
different abilities.

Enable every child with different abilities to live a happy and fulfilling life with Islamic.
ethical values.


Prof.Dr. Asghar Khan


Child development centre is a precious gift of Riphah International University to the community of the Twin Cities if you have a child at home with special needs. This centre is not only focused on their physical health, mental health, balanced & therapeutic diet (Medical Nutrition Therapy -MNT) for special kids but also works on their elementary level education. The center has clinical staff including physical therapists, Speech Therapists, psychologists,  and diet and nutrition experts.

The centre also has trained teachers for elementary level education. The centre is in collaboration with special Olympics and arrange sports activities as part of the program every year. Community integration is also part of the program for grown up children. This centre is one of the community welfare projects of Riphah International University under the faculty of Rehabilitation & Allied health sciences and every year the worthy chancellor provides enormous financial support to the centre to minimize the financial burden on the parents. We are extremely thankful for this favor to the Institute. Therefore, if you have a child with special needs then Riphah Child Development Centre (RCDC) is one of the best places for enabling your child for community integration, elementary level basic education and towards independent healthy living. Our dedicated staff will warmly welcome you and answer your questions or concerns if you have any. May Allah (SWT) accept the efforts of our team and Riphah’s leadership for this noble cause.

CDC Organogram


Mrs Sahar Khan
Director, CDC

CDC focuses on developing the personality of these young individuals with determination. We provide Tarbiayh by teaching them Sunnah and inculcating Islamic values in their daily life.


Ms Irum Nawaz

Child Development Center provides integrated multidisciplinary therapies under one roof. Our experts focus on students learning through play and fun activities. Our target is the community integration of our students through art and craft and sports activities.

Our Location


UAN: 033-11-000-111,
UAN Lahore: 042-111-747-424