Riphah Academy for Research and Education was established by Riphah International University in 2006 with following vision and mission.


The Riphah Academy of Research and Education (RARE) endeavors to generate, promote, coordinate and sustain world class research and educational initiatives in all areas of learning and knowledge in accordance with the principals and ethical values of Islam, to play leadership role in comprehensive development of the country, Ummah and the world. It will be seeking excellence in advancing research culture and disseminating knowledge and development of best learning practices to produce enlightened and holistic human personality required to meet the contemporary needs of the society.


The RARE shall be dedicated to inculcating culture of conducting quality research, scientific investigations in various branches of knowledge and grooming of researchers, educationists and scientific investigators with internalization and integration of Islamic ethical values and norms in its research, graduate and undergraduate programs. It will also be responsible for quality assurance in research, curriculum development, strategies for teaching and learning in line with the vision of the University. The RARE shall also initiate, pursue and coordinate activities at national and international levels.

The Academy is Headed by Dean RARE and governed by a Governing body/Steering Committee initially comprising Pro Chancellor (now Chancellor), Vice Chancellor, all Deans, two Associate Deans, Executive Director, one prominent Industrialist, one eminent Scientist, nominee form Board of Governors of the University and nominee from HEC. Current composition of the Committee includes Chancellor, Executive Director and Deans of all Faculties.




UAN: 033-11-000-111,
UAN Lahore: 042-111-747-424