FMS Prospectus 2020-21

Riphah-e-Magazine July 2020

Riphah-e-Magazine July 2020
Riphah-e-Magazine June 2020
Riphah-e-Magazine May 2020
Riphah e-Magazine
University Profile 2019-20
Mega Sports Riphahrenheit’19
RCR&AHS Newsletter March 2019
Riphah Newsletter Issue 31
Thesis Progress Report (New)
Research & Ethical Committee (REC) (ANNEX 3)
FRAHS, RIU Thesis Format
FRAHS,RIU Synopsis Format
Title Approval Form (ANNEX 1)
REC Performa
Template of Concent Form
Title Approval Form (ANNEX 1)
Template for Synopsis
Research Ethical Committee Performa Signature (ANNEX 3)
Research Data Completion Certificate (ANNEX 8)
Proposal Defense Evaluation Form (ANNEX 2)
Progress report (ANNEX 5)
Equipment Loss and Damage Form
Progress report (ANNEX 5)
Progress Evaluation Form (ANNEX 4)
Equipment Loss and Damage Form
Change of MS Project Form (ANNEX 9)
Riphah Brand Guideline Book.
Social Sciences Brochures 2020
RISE Brochures 2020
RIPS Brochures 2020
RIPP Brochures 2020
Rehabilitation Sciences Brochures 2020
Faculty of Managment Sciences
Faculty of Engineering & Applied Sciences Brochures 2020
Faculty of Computing Brochure 2020
BS-SLP, MLT & DPT Brochures 2020-21
Rehab MS&PhD Brochure
One Day Primavera Training Brochure
5 Days PMP Training Brochure
Islamic International Dental College Prospectus
Riphah University Profile
NCUK Riphah Prospectus
Riphah Institute of System Engineering Prospectus
Riphah College of Rehabilitation Sciences Prospectus
Faculty of Social Sciences Prospectus 2018-19
MS Project Management Brochure 2018-19
MS Engineering Management Brochure 2018-19
Faculty of Management Sciences Prospectus 18-19
Riphah Institute of Public Policy Prospectus 2018-19
Department of Mathematics & Statistics Prospectus 2018-19
Department of Physics Prospectus 2018-19
Biomedical Engineering Prospectus 2018-19
Electrical Engineering Prospectus 2018-19
Riphah Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences Prospectus 2018
University Brochure
Media Sciences Prospectus
Media Sciences Newsletter
Faculty of Management Sciences Prospectus
Islamic International Medical College Prospectus

RCRS Sample papers


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BSCS-BCA,BS-SE sample Papers

BS Bioinformatics
BS Physics Sample Paper
M.Phil. Admission TEST
BS Math Admission Sample Paper
M.Phil Admission Sample Paper
DPT Samples Papers
BS-SLP Samples Papers
BS-MLT Sample Papers
ADCP Entry Test Sample
University Admission Test for M.Phil
University Admission Test for BS-Mathematics
Physics Sample Admission Test
MS-SLP Sample Papers for Fall 2020
MS-PT Sample Papers for Fall 2020
Test Paper Format – Biomedical Engineering
Test Paper Format – M.Phil Biomedical Engineering
Sample Paper Format For BSc Electrical Engineering.
Sample Paper Format For MS Electrical Engineering.
BS Human Nutrition and Dietetics -HND
Sample Test Paper for Post graduate Program
Sample Test Paper for Undergraduate Program
Sample Paper – Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D)
Sample Paper – M.S Applied Psychology
Sample Paper – M.A English Literature & Language
Sample Paper – Doctor of Physical Therapy – DPT

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