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Impact Factor Publications, January 2020-March 2021 (Biomedical Engineering Department)


 Research Publications (2022-2023)-Biomedical Engineering Department 
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1Muhammad Farrukh Qureshi; Zohaib Mushtaq; Muhammad Zia Ur Rehman; Ernest Nlandu KamavuakoSpectral Images based Multi-Day Surface Electromyography Classification of Hand Motions using CNN for Human-Computer InteractionIEEE Sensors JournalW20-Sep-22
2Faraz Akram, Ahmed Alwakeel, Mohammed Alwakeel, Mohammad Hijji, Usman MasudA Symbols based BCI paradigm for Intelligent Home Control using P300 Event-Related PotentialsSensorsW15-Dec-22
3Muhammad Sadiq Orakzai, Saqib Amin, Zohaib Ahmad Khan, Faraz AkramFast and highly accurate phase unwrapping algorithm for displacement retrieval using self-mixing interferometry sensorOptical MaterialsW1-Jul-22
4Faraz Akram, Hamza ToorMultiple Attribute Decision-Making Based on Bonferroni Mean Operators under Square Root Fuzzy Set EnvironmentJournal of Computational and Cognitive EngineeringNone 
5Muhammad AkmalTensor Factorization and Attention-Based CNN-LSTM Deep-Learning Architecture for Improved Classification of Missing Physiological Sensors DataIEEE Sensors JournalW15-Jan-23
6Muhammad Farrukh Qureshi, Muhammad Zia ur RehmanE2CNN: An Efficient Concatenated CNN for Classification of Surface EMG Extracted from Upper-LimbIEEE Sensors JournalW15-Mar-23
7Faraz Akram, Hamza ToorSelection of Investment Policy using a Novel Three-Way Group Decision Model under Intuitionistic Hesitant Fuzzy Aczel Alsina Aggregation OperatorsApplied SciencesWMarch 30, 2023
8Faraz Akram, Hamza ToorSome Generalized Power Aggregation Operators for Intuitionistic Hesitant Fuzzy Connection Number Sets with Application in Multiple Attribute Decision MakingSymmetryWMarch 17, 2023
9Zia ur Rehman, Farrukh Qureshi, Abdul MalikEnhancing Ductal Carcinoma Classification Using Transfer Learning with 3D U-Net Models in Breast Cancer ImagingApplied SciencesWMarch 27, 2023


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