Life and Living


Riphah, from day one, has claimed to be more than an educational institution. It is a movement for social change through integration of Islamic Ethical Values in students’ lives and character building. This vision of the university is fully reflected in the mission statement of the university and the leadership has always made concerted efforts to translate the mission into a reality. Life and Living is an important unit of the Department of Islamic Studies. Introduction of Life and Living, a university graduate required course, for all the academic disciplines of the university (graduates and undergraduates) was one of the significant steps has taken to achieve this desired objective. Through Life and Living, the students are given an insight into Islamic teachings and practices, particularly in the context of the modern world and its ethical challenges. It not only makes them aware of Islamic akhlaq, in its wider context but exposes them directly to the universal ethical teachings and application of the Qur’an and the Sunnah.

Life & Living courses also provide a holistic approach towards a healthy, balanced, and purposeful life. These courses, therefore, emphasize the various domains of human life including, spiritual (Ruhaani), bodily (Jismaani), intellectual (‘Aqlaani), emotional (Nafsaani), social (Ijtimaa’i), and environmental (Bi’ei).

Key Objectives of Life & Living Courses:

Following are key objectives of Life and Living courses:

  • To inculcate Islamic ethical values in students and teachers
  • To develop a balanced, dynamic, and wholesome personality of students
  • To produce ethical Muslim professionals
  • To familiarize the students with fundamental beliefs of Islam and the contemporary world’s challenges
  • To acquaint the students with the ideological foundations of Pakistan
  • To prepare the students for a healthy and meaningful lifestyle
  • To develop them as leaders with character, vision, steadfastness, and patience in order to succeed in this world and the life hereafter


Experiential Learning in Life and Living:

Life and Living courses offer students a unique opportunity in their course objectives, contents, and outcomes. These courses fulfill HEC requirements for Islamic and Pakistan studies. Following teaching methods are used in Life and Living courses:

  • Interactive lectures
  • Discussions which link theory to practice
  • Demonstration/Presentations/Micro teaching
  • Community Projects
  • In-House Seminars/Sessions and Workshops
  • Study Visits
  • Recorded Lectures and selected Videos

The teaching faculty of Life and Living works closely with the students in these projects and philanthropic activities. Social work and community development help in developing empathy and the desire to be charitable. The social welfare projects are carefully monitored by the teachers and are graded and included in the formal assessment. This course provides an opportunity for the students in all disciplines to play a constructive role in society.

Social Welfare (Philanthropy) Projects

  • Mall of Humanity
  • Wall of Kindness
  • Visit to Orphanage
  • Visit to Bethak School System
  • Visit to Railway Hospital

Study Visits

  • Council of Islamic Ideology
  • Dawah/ Shariah Academy of  IIUI
  • Visit to Historical Places
  • Pakistan Monument Museum
  • Parliament House


  • Clean & Green Pakistan
  • Salam
  • Iqamah of Salah
  • Understand Al-Quran
  • Muslim Heritage
  • Islamic Ethical Values
  • Ubudiyyah Tree

Celebration of Days

  • Teachers Day
  • Parents Day
  • Hijab Day
  • Women Day


  • Ideology of Pakistan
  • The Quaid’s Vision of Pakistan
  • How to calculate Zakat?
  • Calculation about Inheritance
  • Health Boosting Fruits and Vegetables
  • Personal Development Plan
  • Islam and rights of women
  • Digital Addiction
  • Social Ethics in Islam

Program Learning Objectives (PLO’s) of Life and Living:

PLO-1:  Islamic Knowledge (Qur’an, Hadith, Seerah)

PLO-2:  Problem Analysis

PLO-3:  Social Welfare

PLO-4:  Research

PLO-5:  Use of modern Tools

PLO-6:  The Scholar & Society

PLO-7:  Environment & Sustainability

PLO-8:  Ethical Values

PLO-9:  Corporate Social Responsibility

PLO-10: Communication

PLO-11: Project Management

PLO-12: Lifelong Learning

PLO-13: Health & Nutrition

Courses of Life and Living for Undergraduate Level:

Life and Living I:               Islamic Studies (Islamic Ethical Principles and Contemporary Issues)

Life and Living II:              Pakistan Studies

Life and Living III:            Introduction to the Basic Teachings of the Qur’an

Life and Living IV:            Introduction to the Hadith & Seerah

Life and Living V:             Professional Ethics

Life and Living VI:            Family Life in 21st Century: Challenges and Prospects

Courses of Life and Living for MS/MPhil Level:

Semester I or II:                Ethics in Practice-I

Courses of Life and Living for PhD Level:

Semester I or II:                Ethics in Practice-II




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