Goals Faculty Development Program:

The overall goal of IIMC FD Program is to develop cadre of faculty members with competencies (knowledge, skills and attitude) as a Teacher including digital teacher, Mentor, Manager, Clinician, Professional, Researcher and a Leader through breadth of faculty development activities and at all level of the educational continuum for well being of society.

Figure 1: Competencies for IIMC Faculty to be trained in.
Goals of faculty development program:
1. To plan annually, conduct and evaluate faculty development activities based on Training Need Assessment (TNA), which are ‘MUST’ workshops and other approaches including informal approach at workplace.
2. To plan quarterly, conduct and evaluate faculty development activities based on current trends, which are ‘SHOULD’ workshops and generate revenue.
3. To train the faculty for successfully demonstration of their role as a Teacher including digital teacher through workshops, certificates course (CHPE & COBE) refreshers.
4. To produce Educator, Manager, Researcher and a Leader through workshops and Maters in Health Professions Education Program (MHPE).
5. To produce good Clinicians and Clinical Teacher through workshops, CPDs, symposiums, CPC and different courses.
6. To produce Researchers to convert their teaching and clinical innovations into scholarly work through workshops and Research Courses.
7. To Produce Mentors through Riphah International University ‘Mentoring Program’, ‘Professional Ethics’ and ‘Vision Workshops’.
8. To train newly inducted faculty through an Orientation Program, Riphah Teaching Competencies (RTC), Motivational Talks and Informal approach i.e. Cognitive Apprenticeship Model at workplace.9. To disseminate and share the Innovations & Research in variety of areas including HPE through Riphah RichPro Club / Journal Club, publications and winning the internal & external research grant.
10. To ensure the learning of trained faculty through Reflective Critique activities in Riphah RichPro Club and take the lesson learned from trainings to workplace i.e. from workshops to community of practice.
11. To produce ‘Master Trainers’ through ‘training of trainers’ workshops series which are conducted by qualified national and internationally renowned faculty.
12. To assure quality of all faculty development activities through its evaluation plan including participants and all stakeholders’ feedback.
13. To build community of practice through building & executing a national and international platform i.e. International Conference in Medical Education (ICME), world over.


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