Faculty Members


Department of English Linguistics & Literature
Faculty Members’ Details & Contact Information
NameDesignationAreas of InterestEmail
Dr. Muhammad ShabanProfessor/HoD, DELLApplied Linguistics[email protected]
Dr. Samina NadeemAssistant Professor/Associate HeadLanguage theories, Flipped classroom, Outcome based education[email protected]
Dr. Shamim AliAssociate ProfessorLanguage theories,CDA,Translation studies,Gender studies,Semantics, Pragmatics, SouthAsian Studies, Literature and Film Studies, Sociolinguistics[email protected]
Dr. Awais Bin WasiAssistant ProfessorAmerican literature, Presentation and Communication Skills, Islam and Modern Western Thought, Philosophy, South Asian literature, Discourse[email protected]
Dr. Asra IrshadAssistant ProfessorPragmatics, Second Language Acquisition, ELT, Sociolinguistics[email protected]
Dr. Muhammad Abdullah BaigAssistant ProfessorApplied Linguistics, Translation Studies, ELT, CDA, Gender Studies, Pragmatics[email protected]
Ms. Samina NajeebSenior LecturerAmerican poetry[email protected]
Ms. Sana GulLecturerCritical Discourse Analysis, Psycholinguistics, English Language Teaching, Sociolinguistics.[email protected]
Ms. Raheela NazLecturerApplied Linguistics, Language Policy and Planning (LPP), ELT, Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL), Second Language Acquisition (SLA), Sociolinguistics[email protected]
Ms. Hira RafiqLecturerApplied Linguistics, Psycholinguistics[email protected]
Ms. Saba AzizLecturerCDA, Stylistics, language and gender[email protected]
Ms. Rozina BibiLecturerCDA, South Asian Studies, ELT, Gender Studies[email protected]
Mr. Hamed Hussain ShahLecturerTranslation Studies, Applied Linguistics, Sociolinguistics[email protected]
Mr. Mohsin IqbalLecturerPost-9/11 American Literature and Representation of Muslims Identity[email protected]
Ms. Amber NoorLecturerPost-colonial Literature, Cultural Studies[email protected]
Ms. Nabeela JavedLecturerSociolinguistics, Second Language Acquisition, World Englishes[email protected]
Mr. Javed IqbalLecturerELT, Applied Linguistics, CDA[email protected]
Mr. Farooq AhmedLecturerPost-colonial studies, Post 9/11 Fiction[email protected]


UAN: 033-11-000-111,
UAN Lahore: 042-111-747-424