Ramadan Hour: An Open Discussion Session

In a student’s life, a welcoming environment and constructive talks are essential. It’s a gateway to a more engaging social life, as well as a crucial instrument for boosting self-esteem. To achieve these goals, the Department of English Linguistics and Literature at Gulberg Greens Campus successfully held open discussion sessions for students. The event began on March 31st, 2022, and was concluded on April 1st, 2022. Rikza Khattak, the Vice President of the Society of Linguistics and Literature (SLL), and Sarah Ashab, the President of SLL, hosted the said sessions respectively.

The topic of discussion was “Ramadan”, as the holy month of blessings and purity is upon us. The question-and-answer session kept the audience quite active and allowed them to share their thoughts regarding the topic. From the faculty, Dr. Asra Irshad, Ms. Hira Rafique, Ms. Lubna Iqbal, and worthy Associate Head, Dr. Samina Nadeem, shared their thoughts with the students. Dr. Muhammad Shaban, HoD DELL, also paid a visit to share his pearls of wisdom. The students were equally amused and engaged in the conversations and expressed their interest by talking about various topics.


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