Engineering Laboratories

Engineering Laboratories

Students are provided the opportunity to augment their theoretical learning through practical work in the state- of-the-art laboratories. These labs are fully equipped to carry out practical work and undertake research in the field of electronics, telecommunication, signal processing, control systems and power engineering etc.  Furthermore, these labs are adaptable, reconfigurable and modular, making them ideally suited for research in the wide range of fields to understand fundamental electrical engineering concepts. Lab experiments are designed in coherence with theory. The Department of Electrical Engineering has following nine well maintained laboratories for the subject programs.


Electronics Lab: Electronics Lab I is equipped with components such as diodes, transistors, operational amplifiers, Breadboard Trainers, oscilloscope, power supplies and function generators; required to practically implement the theoretical concepts of electronic systems.

Electronics Lab II: Electronic Lab II is equipped with the power electronics trainers and logic trainers and rest is the same as Electronics Lab I. The addition of power electronics trainers help to practically perform the experiments of power electronic course.

Communication   Lab:   Communication    systems lab helps the students to envision the theoretical communication concepts of both analog and digital communication systems. This lab consists of different analog and digital communication trainers.

Cisco Networking Academy Lab: Cisco Lab delivers information and communication technology skills to improve career and economic opportunities around the world. The Academy provides online courses, interactive tools, and lab activities to prepare individuals for information technology and networking careers in virtually every industry.

Signal Processing and interfacing Lab: Digital signal processing and very large scale integration (VLSI) lab utilizes advanced signal processing tools such as MATLAB, XILINX MICROWIND and LABVIEW to visualize various signal processing techniques including convolution, DFT, FFT, digital filters designing and IC Chip designing techniques.

Instrumentation/Control Systems Lab: Control systems lab consists of multiple workstations, each equipped with an oscilloscope, digital multi-meter, PID trainers, control system trainers. This lab also covers the industrial implementation of advanced control systems via different computer tools such as MATLAB, Simulink and real time interfacing of LABVIEW.

Electrical Machines & Power Systems & Lab: This lab provides the essential opportunity to the students to augment their concepts about the fundamentals of transformers and rotating machines. The lab is equipped with DC series/shunt motor, compound motor, universal motor, single phase induction motor, single-phase transformer, three phase induction motor, three-phase synchronous motor and three-phase transformer. This lab will also provide the fundamental & advance concepts over Power Power Systems , especially, Power Transmission , Power Distribution & utilization.

Computing Lab: It is a dedicated lab for computer programming-oriented subjects like structured C, object oriented programming, java, computer-aided engineering drawing etc. high speed computers are installed to provide efficient computing facility for the respective courses.

Project Lab: Designed for final year projects. Students are given the separate space for implementing their final hardware projects.


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