Dean’s Message

Muslim ummah is gifted with best possible natural and human resources, yet it depends for its economic, security and educational needs on others. The key to economic progress and technological development lies in research and development. RARE as our research wing is commissioned to create research culture, develop linkages with industry and conduct programs for capacity building of our faculty members. In this age of information race only those nations who excel in research make a difference. As knowledge leader we expect RARE to play strategic role in our national development.

Teaching as a human development tool is as old as human civilization. It is one of the most fascinating challenges, involving perpetual unfoldment of ever newer intricacies in transmitting knowledge and wisdom through evolution of suitable pedagogy. It demands more from faculty than merely delivering lectures and communicating technical information mechanically, through convention method of teaching.


Congruent with philosophy of professional excellence and best practices of pedagogy Riphah Academy of Research and Education (RARE) at Riphah International University strives to create learning environment that is conducive to transform the thinking pattern of faculty. In its initiatives RARE is committed to expose, equip and enrich the faculties with emerging teaching skills, technological advancements and best   practices of pedagogy. The effort is meant to create an environment of partnership between education and scholarship which is essential to prepare the faculty to fiercely compete in neo-globalised market.

Highly qualified faculty with total commitment toward their responsibilities and dedicated students body RARE commits to play its crucial role in bringing RIPHAH as leading hub of knowledge in Pakistan.

I am confident that initiatives by RARE will go long way in nurturing of pedagogy at RIPHAH.

Prof. Dr. Rahila Yasmeen                                                                                  


Educate, Enlighten & Empower


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UAN Lahore: 042-111-747-424