BS English (Linguistics & Literature)


Language is at the core of teaching and learning; it is an essential pathway through which concepts and skills are learned and evaluated, extended, and by which more complex understandings are subsequently developed. Pakistan is a country with dual national languages (Urdu and English) and over 70 regional languages, where a changing and post-colonial world is placing demands on students to communicate and do business in English. However, many of them arrive for their tertiary schooling without having attained adequate English mastery. BS English aims at students who are interested in acquiring competence in the English linguistics and literature. This program is a complete package for the students who want to acquire Islamic ethical values, brush up their communication skills through the knowledge of English literature and linguistics, and look for careers that can commensurate with their skills.

Program Brief

BS English includes courses from linguistics, literature, and ELT. The courses of linguistics are Phonetics and Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, Semantics, Sociolinguistics, Psycholinguistics, and Stylistics. Whereas the courses from English literature include Poetry, Drama, Novel, and History of English Literature, Classical Drama: Greek Tragedy, Literary Criticism, Post-Colonial literature, Pakistani Literature, and Comparative Literature. As far as ELT is concerned, the students will learn Language Acquisition and the use of English for Specific Purposes. These are well-thought-out courses. They are designed to provide essential linguistics and literature content knowledge to the students.

Program Mission Statement

Our mission is to produce English language and linguistic professionals with a focus on inculcating Islamic ethical values who can successfully work in various fields such as Academia, Law, Media, Business, Psychology, Diplomacy, Research, Public Relations, Professional Writing, among others.

Program Objectives

To integrate Riphah values with teaching and learning,

To equip students with the latest knowledge and skills required in the field,

To enable students to incorporate linguistics and literary expertise in teaching English and solving real-life problems,

To allow students to link English linguistics and literature with higher studies.

Learning Outcomes

After the completion of the concerned program, students would be able to:

Identify the primary features of literary texts from a range of English and American literary periods. Secondly, they would also learn to express themselves adequately through the use of critical thinking and imaginative writing.

Demonstrate the understanding of different processes of language change and variation, the role of language

in reflecting and constructing social identities, and the distinctive properties of human communication.

Realize the principles of work ethics covering discipline, responsibility, self-esteem, self-confidence, and teamwork. Adopt attitudes reflecting inclusivism, objectivity and non-discriminating practices.

Program Structure

The graduates of BS English will be required to study forty-six courses of one hundred and thirty-two credit hours, for eight semesters or four years, according to the guidelines of the Higher Education Commission, Pakistan. They will study four compulsory courses of eight credit hours, including Islamic Ethical Principles and Contemporary Issues, Pakistan Studies, and Basic Teachings of Quran during the first four semesters. They will also study nine general courses of three credit hours each of these semesters, which will introduce them into a wide array of subjects related to their field. Along with the courses mentioned above, thirty-three discipline specific foundational courses of ninety-nine credit hours each will also be taught to them, which will help to acquire a solid foundation for the entire degree program.

Semesters five, six, seven, and eight will be dedicated to learning major courses that one covers in various aspects linguistics, teaching language, and English literature. Moreover, in semester seven and eight, students may study two additional courses.

(a) Duration: The minimum length of the program is 4-year

(b) Semesters: Eight semesters

Career Perspectives

BS English graduates can anticipate a bright career ahead of them as English language practitioners at both primary and tertiary levels in schools and colleges. However, they must not perceive their role in educational institutions as limited only to teaching English as a second/foreign language. Instead, they may equally contribute to language testing and assessment, designing curriculum, classroom management, educational management, and administration. They can also work as content writers, translators, media presenters, and critical analysts in both industry and academia.


Study LevelStudy ModeProgram LengthCredit HoursIntakeClass Timings1st Semester Fee
UndergraduateFull Time4 years (8 Semester)



Fall Semester (July-August)

Spring ( December -January )

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