La Literati: Discussion on the book Reclaim your Heart by Yasmin Mogahed (Literary Project of BS 6.7 &8)

La Literati: Discussion on the book Reclaim your Heart by Yasmin Mogahed (Literary Project of BS 6.7 &8)


This activity was assigned to three semesters of BS to create a reading community in order to develop a strong reading culture in the department of English Linguistics and Literature. The first activity of La Literati was designed to entice the reluctant readers to improve their reading fluency and to contribute in the group discussions. The book under discussion, Reclaim Your Heart proved to deliver the efferent aspect of reading where according to RAS Model, Riphah aspired students discussed about multifaceted aspects of life and faith, internal transformation and revolution. They were asked to discuss different metaphors, anecdotes, analogies mentioned by Yasmin Mogahed in the book by relating it with their own peaks and dips of faith, attachment to the material worlds and personal experiences which triggered some healthy arguments and some introspection. This student-centered reading activity created a very effective environment for them to polish their oral verbiage skills and develop profound critical thinking from peer discussion and learning.



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