Riphah Social Welfare



Pakistan is a developing country with poor health infrastructure and academic isolation in the higher education sector. Poverty and marginalization are the outcomes of the vicious capitalistic structures, hegemonic by the cartels, infiltrating the ruling mania.

IIMCT is a private sector initiative to contribute towards the betterment of the situation in its humble capacity and meager resources. RSWD is the forefront of this endeavor with thousands of beneficiaries and millions of funds and in-kind support to the poor and needy. Moreover, student’s scholarships, hospital upgradations, and patient’s subsidies (full/partial) are some other contributions in this context. The futuristic focus will be to meet the obligations of IIMCT towards the neighboring communities in the vicinity of its Institutions.


To create a caring and integrated system of social development services that facilitate human development and helps to improve the quality of life here and Hereafter.


To ensure the provision of comprehensive, integrated, sustainable social services to help reduce vulnerability and poverty, promote productive volunteerism, and create an enabling environment for social uplift program.



The department has the following objectives to achieve it vision/mission.

  1. To provide healthcare services to marginalized communities.
  2. To provide disaster response, relief and rehabilitation.
  3. Liaison with humanitarian organizations.
  4. To create awareness regarding health care and disaster preparedness.
  5. Resource mobilization for sustainable welfare and development.
  6. To position IIMCT as welfare and developmental organization.



RSWD believes that the valuable members of the Pakistani communities:

  • have equal rights
  • have strengths and assets  
  • deserve to have equal opportunities to participate and
  • have equal access to all civil rights  

Message from Chief Patron RSWD

My vision to establish a complete social welfare department is to play our role in the society. This is time when we have to give back to the society. One of the main purposes of establishing IIMC Trust was to help the poor and needy in their difficult hour.

Hassan Muhammad Khan
Managing Trustee

Riphah Social Welfare Department (RSWD) Values

RSWD will carry the highest level of integrity in its services and outreach activities and it ties the following core operating values directly to its mission.
1: Caring Attitude–The department and those who are engaged with its mission will demonstrate compassionate support and concern for people of Pakistan in general and will highly regard those who are passing a terrible state of life in particular.
2: Responsiveness– The department will find solutions that address the needs of vulnerable and poor communities through direct services or referrals to other services providers.
3: Diversity– The department will seek to assist all races, castes, ethnicities, and religions in Pakistan without showing any kind of discrimination.
4: Partnerships– For ensuring quality services, the department will work with wide variety of partners.
5: Advocacy– The department will educate and advocate the public for the long-term best interests.

Patron: Mr. Hassan Muhammad Khan (Managing Trustee / Chancellor RIU)
President: Mr. Asadullah Khan (Executive Director IIMCT/RIU)

Executive Committee


UAN: 033-11-000-111,
UAN Lahore: 042-111-747-424