BS Software Engineering (LHR)


In this modern era of information age, the field of computing is advancing at an ultra-high speed. With the recent advancements in different areas of computing e.g. Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, although there has been a growing demand to excel in these particular areas, however, the importance of having a strong foundation of the core principles of computing has also got more attention. The need to build the core competency in the area of a foundation of the computing, the underlying hardware and software platforms, programming interfaces, complex algorithms, trends in user interface designs, the emergence of new businesses, has increased. This program of BSSE is aimed to fulfill this need of the new era. The BS-SE program will try to produce the high-quality computer scientists who will have the necessary theoretical background to understand the computing problems, will be equipped with the necessary tools and techniques to design, develop and deliver the solutions for these problems and will have the necessary ethical values to apply this skill set in the appropriately right way.

Program Objectives

The key objectives of the BS-SE program are:

  1. To provide the students a well-structured academic program of computer science that can fulfill their industry as well as higher education needs.
  2. To provide the students a conducive environment where they can learn the state of the art technologies to become valuable computer science resources.
  3. To enable the students to understand the ethical values while dealing with the private and sensitive information and information systems.
  4. To enable the students to understand the current issues and challenges in computer science and to identify new areas and solutions to enhance the business productivity of the industry.

Expected Learning Outcomes

  • At the successful completion of the BS-SE program, the students are expected to demonstrate the followings:
  • An ability to identify contemporary and emerging issues in the field of computer science
  • An ability to explain the current best solutions for solving the computer science related issues
  • An ability to apply computing principles, algorithmic designs, mathematical foundation, programming skills, etc. in modeling the computing systems
  • An ability to analyze available solutions and devising new techniques and methods to cater the emerging problems
  • An ability to analyze the given problems, identify and define computing requirements appropriate to its solutions
  • An ability to design, implement and evaluate computing systems to meet the business requirements
  • An ability to apply the computing practices in the varying areas of applications e.g. internet of things, cloud computing, data analytics, cybersecurity, health care, business, etc. 
  • An ability to analyze the local and global impact of computer science on individuals, organizations, and society
  • An ability to express effective communication skill both orally and in writing
  • An ability to recognize the issues and best practices to work effectively in multidisciplinary teams to accomplish a common goal
  • An ability to define professional, ethical, legal, and social issues and responsibilities related to the discipline of computing
  • An ability to recognize the need and ability to engage in lifelong learning and development


Study Level Study Mode Program Length Credit Hours Intake Class Timings 1st Semester Fee
Full Time
4 Years (8 Semesters)
Fall & Spring Semesters
08:00 am to 05:00 pm (Mon to Fri)

ENTRY TO BS Software Engineering (FOR BOYS AND GIRLS)

Eligibility Seats Selection Criteria Scholarships Offered at Start Date Application
FSc,ICS, with minimum 50 % marks or equivalent qualification
Academic Qualification: 60% Test/Interview: 40%
Need & Merit Based up to 100%
September & February


UAN: 033-11-000-111,
UAN Lahore: 042-111-747-424