Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC) endeavors to, generate, promote, coordinate and sustain world-class research and educational initiatives in all areas of learning and knowledge in accordance with the principles and ethical values of Islam, in order to play leadership role in comprehensive development of the country, Ummah and the world. Moreover seeking excellence in advancing research culture & disseminating knowledge and development of best learning practices in order to produce enlightened and holistic human personality required to meet contemporary needs of the society is also on the mandate of ORIC.


ORIC is also responsible for developing and implementing a fair, efficient and standard financial grant/award system for all faculties of the university in order to inculcate and promote culture of conducting quality research and scientific investigation in various branches of knowledge. Various types of financial grants disbursed through ORIC are:-


  • Publication Honorarium & Publication Charges
  • Grants for Faculty Development & Conference Participation
  • ORIC Research Grants
  • Grants for Organizing Conference/Workshop/Symposium etc.
  • Patent Filing/Registration
Director OIRC
It is believed that research and innovation are the crucial precursors of country’s development as they define its pace towards modernism in terms of technological growth. Riphah University, keeping this overarching thought at its backdrop has remained resilient in playing its fundamental role in improving the technological sphere of Pakistan through its high research activities and innovative approach. To lead in education today, it requires a passionate and resilient commitment and a deep research-based expertise. Promising and ‘high research university’ can become a significant factor in belonging to the ranks of the great if we work together in a friendly and positive atmosphere, and continue contributing to mutual prosperity of our country. This online source of R&D/ORIC at Riphah University familiarizes its incumbent faculty, students and potential researchers with ORIC; that works zealously to support the research activities taking place in it. It also acquaints researchers with their relevant departments, areas of research and most importantly the research groups’ operating at Riphah.
Prof.Dr. Rahila Yasmeen


Manager, Research, Operation & Development
MBA, Finance
Manager Capacity Building & Industry Linkages
MS, Projects Evaluation and Management
Manager Intellectual Property
Manager Administration ORIC
MS, Business Administration
ORIC Factor
Research, Innovation, Commercialization, Entrepreneurship
At ORIC, we are striving to develop, promote and enhance research culture and to make them to commercialize and industrialize.