Faculty of Rehabilitation and Allied Health Sciences(FRAHS)


(Established on June 18, 2018)


The journey started in December 2007 from a college of rehabilitation Sciences in Islamabad under the faculty of Health and medical science. In June-2018 due to the exponential growth and many extraordinary achievements of the institute the Board of Governors (BOGs) of Riphah approved and established independent faculty of Rehabilitation and allied health sciences (FRAHS) .Institutes under the Faculty of Rehabilitation and Allied Health Sciences (FRAHS) at the university campuses known as Riphah College of Rehabilitation & Allied health Sciences (RCRAHS).The faculty have great contribution for the uplifting of Rehabilitation and allied health  Sciences by enhancing the knowledge, clinical skills and research competence.  RCRAHS has significant contribution in the development of the national curriculum for DPT program under the patronage of HEC.  Another unique achievement is the establishment of Rehab Certification Board offering certification in many specialities to fulfil the need of the society. The faculty members also have significant contribution by publishing (300+ articles) their research work in impact factor journals. The clinical training facilities distinguish the institute from others in the country. The first institute to introduce the concept of Rehab house officers in the country and offer paid house job opportunity to the DPT graduates and also has a paid Postgraduate trainee program in the rehabilitation disciplines. The faculty also publish a journal biannually with the title “Journal of Riphah college of Rehabilitation Sciences (JRCRS)” recognised by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) in “Z” category.



“To be a Rehabilitation Sciences institute of international repute known for quality and Value based education”  

Message from the Dean
It is a great honour for me to be the first dean of this prestigious faculty. In the last decade RCRAHS had great achievements and significant contribution for the standardization and quality both in academics and clinical practice. RCRAHS the pioneer institute for few innovative degree programs in the rehabilitation disciplines including doctor of physical therapy (DPT), MS in Speech language pathology (SLP), post professional DPT and certifications/Residencies in many rehab specialities. The institute has a leading role in the rehabilitation and allied health sciences and offers many degree programs form under grade level to Doctoral level programs. If you plan to have a degree in rehab and allied health sciences I believe RCRAHS is the best place to have quality and value based education. We warmly welcome you to learn in a conducive environment from our highly qualified faculty at Riphah. Prof.Dr. Asghar Khan, BSc PT, DPT, PGD (PE&TM), DSc PT (Scholar) USA Dean Faculty of Rehabilitation &Allied Health Sciences (FRAHS)
Prof. Dr. Asghar Khan, BSc PT, DPT,PGD (PE & TM),DSc PT* (USA)
Dean Faculty of Rehabilitation & Allied Health Sciences (FR&AHS)

The college has four campuses, Islamabad, Lahore, Faisalabad, and Mansehra. FRAHS is the only institute that has female’ only campuses in Islamabad and Lahore with well-equipped labs and hospital attachments for clinical training. Faculty of the college also has a great contribution for the uplifting of Rehabilitation Sciences Professions by enhancing the knowledge and skills of the practicing clinicians as well as plays a leading role by developing uniform DPT curriculum in the country.


The Director of the College was nominated as Secretary of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) National Curriculum Revision Committee (NCRC) 2011 and Convener of National Curriculum Revision Committee (NCRC) 2016.The college faculty has significant contribution producing quality research and has published 100+ research studies in the national and international recognized journals. The college has quality research Journal by the name “Journal Riphah College of Rehabilitation Sciences (JRCRS)”. The research culture was introduced in the country by successfully organizing international and national rehabilitation conferences. The college has a good repute in the country for quality and value based education in Rehabilitation Sciences.


Rehabilitation House Officer Program


Faculty of Rehabilitation & Allied Health Sciences (FRAHS) Islamabad/Lahore provides ample opportunities of paid internships and house officer programs to its students. At Islamabad/Lahore, the college has affiliations with number of hospitals and rehabilitation centers where final year students of DPT and other programs are sent for on job training and learning sessions.

Faculty Facilities

Faculty of Rehabilitation and Allied Health Sciences
Ms. Sidra Raheel, Student DPT
I take pride to have enrolled myself in this institute where international standards undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Physical Therapy are offered under a highly qualified faculty.