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Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities
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Social Science
“Human thinking is affecting the Behavior, Attitude, Performance and Life. The improvement is possible due to the critic consultation of Social Sciences. The positive change may accrue due to Social Sciences. Human History is accepting the truth of life”.

The faculty of Social sciences is consisted of four major Departments.
  • Department of Media Sciences / Riphah Institute of Media Sciences (RIMS)
  • Department of Social Sciences

Riphah Institute of Media Sciences (RIMS) was founded on the conception of learning to implement, RIMS believes in top quality education in the areas of Production, Direction and Journalism. We encourage our students to work ambitiously to produce quality work in the field of media.

RIMS is offering four years programme in BS(Hons) in Media Studies, MA Media Production, PGD Media Production and MA Broadcast Journalism, along with other customized professional development programs including Media Summer School.

The curriculum is designed to assist the students’ to understand and to develop analytical skills in their major field of choices. RIMS provide a technical expertise in practical and theoretical aspects of the media production and journalism. RIMS curriculum not only integrates the practicality of media but also the ethical and legal prospects of media.

Latest technical facilities and a faculty comprise of strong academic and professional background that symphonize the exceptionality of RIMS. The amalgamation of modern equipment and the modern methodology of instruction provide students’ an opportunity and a way forward to become ardent and avid professionals in the field of media.


The Department of Social Sciences has been established under the Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities. This is an interdisciplinary unit of the faculty members of social sciences & humanities. All faculty members are highly qualified, well equipped and committed in character building of the students through formal and non formal way. It is the proud privilege of the department that being an independent department itself, it is emerged in all Faculties of Riphah International University by its specification. Department inculcates Islamic vision of life, real concepts of Pakistan Ideology, sense of social responsibilities among the students.

At present the faculty members of the department are teaching the university required courses (Life & Living) in all faculties.