Riphah International University
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Engineering and Applied Sciences
The Faculty of Engineering & Applied Sciences (FEAS) was established in January 1998 to carry forward the mission of the Islamic International Medical Trust by augmenting the national effort in the field of technical education and assisting in the establishment of institutions dedicated to impart education in engineering disciplines and technologies. The Islamic International Engineering College is a constituent College of International University.
Health Sciences has been the hall mark of Riphah International University. Keeping in view the vision of the founding fathers of IIMC Trust and the unique multidiscipline educational environment of RIU such as Medical College, Teaching Hospitals, FEAS launched the Biomedical Engineering Program in 2009. The FEAS provides equal opportunities to both male and female students and offers undergraduate and graduate program in the following fields of Engineering: 

  • BSc. Electrical Engineering (Communication)
  • BSc. Electrical Engineering (Electronics)
  • BSc. Bio-Medical Engineering
  • MS. Electrical Engineering
  • MS.Telecommunication Engineering
  • MS. Bio-Medical Engineering
  • PhD Electrical Engineering

In subsequent years new and emerging technologies shall be introduced. The College caters for not only the national needs to train and groom new generations in the realm of technology, but also provides an opportunity to students of other Muslim countries to study and acquire knowledge at such a low cost not possible in the technically advanced countries. With a vision to attain prominence in intellectual and academic excellence, the College offers classes at the postgraduate level and undertakes and conducts research leading to the PhD degrees.

FEAS commenced its first semester in January 1998. Ten batches have already qualified and joined practical life as engineers. IIEC has been designed to induct students both male and female to the Degree Programme once in a year i.e. August/September. The equipment and training aids installed in the College laboratories comply to academically accepted norms and shall help the students to build and acquire fundamental concepts of technology necessary to establish a sound and firm base. Emphasis has been laid on practical and hands-on training to instill confidence and skill in the students.

Aims & Objectives

Faculty of Engineering & Applied Sciences (FEAS) has been established to:

  • Produce competent engineers with the true spirit of dedication and professional ethics in conformity with the tenets of Islam.
  • Act as a nursery for the provision of engineers for the developing countries.
  • Establish a common platform for research, development and technical collaboration globally.
  • Create facilities for postgraduate studies leading to the award of MSc/PhD degrees.
  • Provide cross fertilization of knowledge in advance studies and research amongst students of the engineering and medical faculties.