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Riphah Today

Riphah Today

Riphah retains a special position in the academic landscapes of the Pakistan. We at Riphah International University are offering demand of the day programs. Our programs are highly up to date and novel in their approach with remarkable endorsement by national and international accreditation bodies, who not only appreciate our quality education system but also encourage our expansion in country and abroad. At Riphah, we are committed to produce best minds; that’s the main reason we are inducing world’s best educational technologies to our teaching methods.

Today our wide range of quality scientific research programs is equally available for national and international students; which provides Riphaiands a unique road map to transform their knowledge into practical life. Students who study in Riphah can take advantage of the Riphah’s impressive technology and research resources.

What does Riphah mean?

The word Riphah has been taken from Urdu language in a context meaning over all well- being of human life and social infrastructure without any prejudice and cultural boundaries. Here our teams full of inspiration and passion have been ‎fortunate enough by putting good out into the world, we have been doing our part in making it a better place.

 Who is Riphined?

If you are a current or a passed out undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate or a PhD scholar associated with Riphah International University you will be known as Riphined. The Riphineds have extensive access to university’s collections and resources. They are experiencing new ideas, patented products, and co-authored original researches.

Journey of 20 years  

Starting with a small number of medical students from a single based campus in Islamabad city, today we have grown up to 6000 plus students in three different cities of Pakistan, along with presence in two other countries UAE and NCUK. Our 20 years journey carries multifarious success factors; our services in field of medical sciences, dentistry, pharmaceuticals, engineering & applied sciences, computing, social sciences, media and veterinary sciences are supported by self governing spaces, halls, class rooms, lectures and laboratory work. 

Currently, the university is comprised of 109 programs under a full range of academic departments which are organized into 14 faculties & colleges.

Are you coming Riphah this year?

If you have been successful in your application, test & interview to the Riphah International University, you will receive an offer letter outlining academic and financial conditions which you need to gratify within associated deadlines. The letter will usually be sent to you by email or you may collect original by visiting our office.